Monday, 17 March 2014

That duct again!

For the last few days my remote rotator control has been playing up. The symptoms were that the pot in the G1000DXC has failed. I thought this unlikely as the rotator is a only a few years old. Resistance tests with a multimeter were inconclusive. 
Having thought about the problem overnight I became more convinced than ever that the rotator. cable was faulty. 
This morning I pulled the cable from the duct and there, a metre or so into the duct, the cable was showing clear rodent damage......

Once the cable dried out and the wires were separated, I tested the rotator and all worked as it should.
The problem was what to do. I could have bought a replacement cable from W&S for a little over £50, but the chances are that the cable would probably be of the same 'delicious' grey PVC that the rodents like. Clearly after four such attacks something more drastic was required. The answer was to splice in a new long centre section where the cable goes through the duct. I already had a length of black 6 wire recovered from the previous G400 rotator system. That cable had been in the duct for at least 8 years with no damage or apparent attacks from rodents.
With the rotator cable reinstalled everything seems to work well and if I decide to abandon the remote rotator controlit will be say to tap into the rotator downlead and parallel off a cable to the house. The rotator control box can then be moved between the indoor shack and the outdoor shack as required!

Now that the antennas can be pointed where they are wanted it was time to sort out why I couldn't get any output power reading on the remote Bird 43.
I eventually found the problem. More in another blog.


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